Stillborn pride - let me hide!

Once more I've stepped across the line,

Repeating to myself that everything is fine.

Once more I'm shipwrecked far from shore.

This time the war and blood and gore are mine.

Approaching the end, thinking it's all pretend.

Then - clarity, so close to me. Although

I knew I killed me to I came back to life.

The key is flexibility. Guard your strenghts

And drown the rest: out of mind, out of sight.

The chains on my wings... still tight but

Loosening. The age of wondering led me to a

Place never revisited again.

Stillborn pride - Spare my mind!

Don't regret all of your past - you can't change.

Tears dry but they're never your last -

That won't change. The first stone has just

Been cast - Show restraing.

You can't take all my apathy.

You can't take such a tragedy.

You can't brake all my fallacies.

Let serendipity.

Okay - so things don't always go your way.

We may see things for what they are someday.

So things don't always go your way.

See things for what they are today

Stillborn pride - Truth denied!