Crown Of Thorns

How long will our emperor wear the crown of thorns?

As long as he who sits upon the throne wears horns

How long will it be till we reclaim the throne?

As long as love remains cold like stone.

There is no escape from the chains of oppression

No hope of light outside the walls of depression

The highest peak was overcome by the flood of kings

The final grains of salt, stolen on vulture wings

To those adrift who can't find shore, no land is worth searching for

To those lost who can't find home, no shelter will make you feel less alone.

Heaven's sky will rain

Reign black

Heaven's sky will forever reign black as the notion it's not hours to take back

The power has always been ours!

When your mind is darkened with doubt, you can't find a way out

When your greatest sea droughts, there's no way out.

Defend the crown

The power belongs to free minds, not those who lead the blind

Defend the crown

But the problem is there's no way out

No way out