Box Of Need(les)

Another's reality exhausted all your dreams

I'll scatter your ashes on television screens

Quit living on the edge of your seat when you can live soaring off your feet

Stress, take time to shake it off

Lethargic, gotta work it off.

(Are you dipping your hands in the box of needles)

Cause once you do, you can't take it back

Your hands will ache till you can't grasp the fact

That once you do, you can't take it back

Too numb to itch because your hope turned black

The scenes change but life stays the same

At the crown of t he flame you're still just a name

Quit living chained to your seat when you can break free and flourish on your feet.

Betrayer, turn it off

They wanna kill us off.

Are you dipping your hand in the box of needles?

Cause once you do, nothing stays gold

Strangers are dangers for you to extol

You sold your heart to the beast ablaze

There's no hope for better days.

No faith and no hope.