In Memory

We met in seventh grade in History.

Then just another one

Friendship was a few years to come

But I knew who you were.

I knew what you stood for

That much we had in common, but you had so much more

And I saw a joy in you I did not see in me

You were a light for all to see

Graduation came we moved to L.A.

(it was) so good to know a face,

A friend I didn't have to make

Those long drives home to Santa Cruz.

I grew so close to you,

Friends from then on through life.

Such a short length of time

Left here with thoughts of you that still inspire me

To be a light for all to see

And one day we will be together in our final goal in the presence of He,

The one that made us be, the one you served,

The one that your light helped us all to see

You're life was a picture of how I want to be