Head In A Cloud

Maybe your view of quality is more than you can be

You bear your ideology so stoically

That all that you can see, is inferiority

Here I am, my head in a cloud

Canæ?° you see my feet dangling, down there on the ground?

I guess Iæ?¦ fool, cause I thought I could recognize

The people who cared for me,

I thought I could draw the line

That surrounded my friends

Oh I, Iæ?¦ not going to give up

And I don't mind the quitters, so much as the thieves

Itæ?¯ tolerable company, given the means

I won't waste my time crying

If Iæ?¦ the last to understand

The difference between us, be it preference or circumstance

Iæ?¦ losing the faith that youth hold in longevity

I guess thatæ?¯ the price for bartering naivety

Preferring the comfort that the skeptic takes in disbelief

Iæ?¦ not going to give up