Falling Out

I'm sure you're in a lot of pain,

But it's supposed to feel this way

I never did this to you

Despite the beauty we create

I just can't stand beneath your weight

I don't know what to do

I'm sure you need a helping hand

But you're stuck in sinking sand

And you're pulling me in with you

Look at the mess you drug me through

Look at the pity you pursue

I'm falling out with you

Help me I'm falling out with you

So make my instincts leave me be

'Cause I don't want to fight or flee

But there's not much more you can take from me

Despite the pleasure we invoke

I'm so sick of being broke

Will it hurt this much when I've broken free?

Well I try but I can't understand why I have to hold your hand

Every step of the way, day after day, you depend On my strength to pull you through

But I'm just as weak as you