Above the eternal darkness and the perfect silence,
Primordial waters dream the darkest dreams.
When the abominable ones awake from the unpure slumber,
The almighty chaos dragon recites the curses of

The storming rage from the abyss
Unleashed to crush the bastard gods,
But blinded by the rays of false light,
Now trapped in the deadly sleep.

Rise up almighty Tiamat!
Let the floods kill with hate!
The fire of destruction shall burn all life!
The time of revenge is at hand!

Ancient conjuration - the wrathful shadow comes.
The stars inverted by black magic spells,
11 seals of damnation break.
Avengers of chaos awaiting to strike filthy rebel spawn
And taste the bloody sweetness of merciless revenge.

Terrifying spells of death blow down the son of Enki,
But stuck with the four cosmic winds,
Now Mother of Darkness falls.

You shall rise up Tiamat!
Your scornful lauch will whip the souls!
Your essence is the empire for the black wind spilled
your blood!

Evil with hunger awaits for the gates of damnation to
For day of the retaliation - the universe's demise.
Ama ushumgal sumun Tiamat!
Your victory shall be eternal!
Ama ushumgal sumun Tiamat!
Mother of Darkness!