Handbag leather
won't make her feel better
what she really wants is for
us to be together

sweet talk late night
over the phone
it's not bad but it's not
the same as being home

when i think to myself
her long kisses do pull me in
i start to miss her again
start wondering, how long has it been?

let the woman i love
just walk in
that's what i need
please, if the woman i love could
just walk in
that would be good for me

(let the woman i love
let the woman i love
let the woman i love
walk in, walk in)

i can see her in her
high heel walking people
stealing a look as she
digs in her pocketbook

it's strange to me
i still can't believe
how the girl ended up with a
minister's son like me

another night i haven't spoken to her
another hotel bed
and she's stuck in my head
and my heart, it's been hanging by a thread